O’level English 1123 – Standards Booklet

Here you can download the Standards Booklet for O’level English 1123 Syllabus.

This is a very useful document for examination preparation. It contains example candidate responses which are students’ actual answer scripts from O’level examination session 2012. along with the awarded grades and examiner’s detailed comments. You will get a clear idea of what is the standard required of your answers in the examination and how your answers will be marked.

O’level English 1123 – Standards Booklet


10 Responses to O’level English 1123 – Standards Booklet

  1. Faizan says:

    Can you uplad the latest Standards Booklet?

  2. derek says:

    Thank you so much Sir Younis. Anyway, do you have the 1123 english standard booklet for year 2013, 2014? thank you.


  3. Annie says:

    Thank you so much for posting this Standards Booklet. It’s truly a valuable resource guide for teachers.
    God bless and reward you.

  4. Ashraf Ali says:

    Jazak Allah for the great task, sir Younis.
    No doubt, it’s a great help for both teachers and students.
    God bless you.

    Ashraf Ali
    English Coordinator,
    The Intellect School, Karachi.

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