Asslam o Alikum!

This is Mohammad Younis Farid, an English Language Teacher, based in Karachi, Pakistan. I have taught English Language and Literature to O & A Level students for more than a decade and I have also been involved in teaching English language at various proficiency levels.

The purpose of creating this blog is to share strategies and resources for developing English Language skills. You can check out the categories on this blog to find material of your interest. I will be constantly updating the learning resources on this site, so do check this space for updates.

I hope this blog proves to be a great help in your pursuit of learning.

Best of luck & Happy Learning!


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  1. hamna atiq mirza says:

    Sir I will be obliged if u kindly share this years English language paper may/june 2017, thankyou

  2. bilal says:

    Sir it would be really helpful if you provide notes regarding p2 comprehension part – the explanation of types of questions and their relative answer demands .
    I would really appreciate if you respond .

    • Bilal, due to my current commitments, it will be difficult for me to provide you an explanation.

      You can find a detailed discussion about question types and how to answer them in the following books written by Cambridge examiners:
      O’level English. Helen Toner & John Reynolds. 2nd Edition. Cambridge University Press. Published in 2016.
      Cambridge GCE O’level English Revision Guide. Glover, Shirley, Toner. Cambridge Publishers.

  3. STAN says:


  4. urooj says:

    I want few tips ,to attempt p1 n p2, waiting for ur kind cooperation πŸ™‚

  5. Ashy Anil says:

    Hi Mohammad Younis Farid,

    I was wondering if i could use the article June 2015 Paper 2 contents, for a research i am conducting. The research is titles as the effect of Morningness-Eveningness and Task Difficulty on procrastination. I would really appreciate it if you could give me the permission to use the content.

    Thank you

  6. bcd says:

    Can you please tell about the formats of report/speech/article/account.

  7. Aiza Hanif says:

    aoa , could you please provide sample of flashback narrative. and as we have 5 options which creative writing can be easily handleld ?

    • Walaikum Salam.

      A flashback is a narrative techniques in which a character thinks/remembers/is reminded of his past and through his thoughts/memories the readers come to know about the background to the conflict in the story. It could be as brief as one paragraph or could span over several paragraphs. It is recommended to use in your O’level narrative writing by the examiners and would add depth to your narrative essay. Please find the examples of flashback on the following link:

      As for your second question, you have a choice of 5/6 topics in the creative writing section and all topics fall into either of the three essay types: Descriptive, Narrative and Argumentative. I would not advise you to choose an Argumentative essay, unless you know the topic in detail and have done sufficient practice of writing Argumentative essays to know the techniques and intricacies of this genre of writing. Write a descriptive or narrative essay in the examination, depending on your strengths as a writer and the knowledge/ideas you have about a topic given in the examination.

      Best of luck for your examination!

  8. SULAYMAN BAWA says:


  9. Princess says:

    Dear Sir
    I would love to register for June exams and I
    am in Zimbabwe, how much is the registration fee and where should I register


  10. Maala says:

    Hi sir thanks for creating this blog:)

  11. Saria Farid says:

    Hello Mohamed
    I have just opened pass papers in Google , to download , and all of a sudden your blog showed . I actually glad it did . Its indeed very useful and clear to be understood . Its very successful . I will be updated with your blog from now on . Hope you continue .

  12. Rebekah (Becky) says:

    Hi this was great…gud job n well done…Becky (Sri Lanka)

  13. Aida says:

    Hi there,

    We appreciate your work. For O’level English 1123 – Specimen Papers for 2011 Exam, you did not upload the correct mark scheme for Paper 2. We would really be grateful if you could provide us with it.

  14. bhanu says:

    Hello, i would like to know how we should proceed for Account Writing?

    • Bhanu, I guess I have already answered this query while answering another reader. Kindly find this in comments. If you can’t, I’ll write for you again. πŸ™‚

      I have, kind of, lost some interest in updating this place. I wanted to provide detailed guidance on all the topics of Language Paper, but unfortunately, have got extremely busy.

      Anyways, you check this out and let me know.

  15. Chris says:

    I saw your blog & it is very good information for students who are preparing for their English O levels.I think it is a wonderful work that u have provided here.Thx!

  16. Tim McKinney says:

    Assalam O Alikum,
    I’m an American-turned-Muslim who moved to Indonesia and am now in the English teaching game. Americans know nothing about Cambridge exams, so your work here is a deeply appreciated godsend for me.
    Thank you most sincerely.
    Tim M.
    Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

    • Walaykum Salam, Brother Tim,

      I congratulate you most sincerely for embracing Islam and pray that Allah keeps you on the right path. May Allah make your life easy, peaceful and blessed.

      I am happy to know that you found my blog useful. I’d be trying to update and expand the material here.

      Hope to be in touch. Feel free to contact me for any questions about CIE English Exams.

      Thank you n’ Jazak’Allah.

  17. rose choto says:

    so wh y is it that there are only english papers and no ohter subjects?

    • Well, rose, I’m not interested in providing other subjects papers, as extremepapers.net is already doing a brilliant job. English Language & Literature are my subjects, so I thought of taking the trouble to provide these past papers in a little faster and more accessible way for my students. If you have any problems in findings papers of your desired subjects on extremepapers, do let me know.

  18. Sidrat Kohli says:

    Nice Blog πŸ™‚
    Where can i find Spelling Papers?

  19. O. Lavelle says:

    Hi, brilliant job done on this site, thanks for all the uploads!

    I was just wondering if you could upload the 2014 (Lit) and 1127 (EL) syllabi marking schemes and examiners’ reports, preferably by 22/10/2012. Thanks!

  20. Dr Nambi says:

    I really like your blog of past IGSCE English question papers from 2002 to 2001.I have downloaded all papers for my daughters revision.These papers are no where to be found even cambridge website

    Thank you very much
    Dr Nambi

    • Thank you so much for your appreciation. These past papers are shared by Cambridge University with the registered schools only. I’ve uploaded them for the benefit of my students as well as for anyone needing them for exam preparation. My best wishes for your daughter’s studies and success.

  21. Ashraf Ali says:

    Salam Sir Younis,

    How are you? I really liked your blog. May God bless you with maximum achievements in both the worlds.
    Please keep your fingers crossed for me and also for Sir Furqan Tahir.

    Ashraf Ali

    • Walaykum Slam, Sir Asharaf,

      I am all right, Alhumdulillah. Thank you for your appreciation and prayers, I’m indebted. May Allah bless you and Sir Furqan in the most extraordinary ways.


    • Sri Wahyuni says:

      Assalamualaikum Sir! I would like to express my gratitude for uploading the past year papers for English O Level exam. I realised the Free Exam Papers site does not work anymore. I hope you are active in this site because I will be constantly checking for the updates.


      • Walaykum Slam.
        I am grateful to your for your appreciation. Your comments motivate me to keep working on this site. Insha’Allah, I’d try my best to keep it updated and would be uploading more resources soon.

  22. sane says:

    aoa any guideline regaring the accurate/certain pattern for ‘account writing” in o levels english paper 1123

    • Walaykum Salam.
      In the recent past paper questions, you would notice that a certain format is mentioned. You are asked to begin with “Dear Sir,” and provide a suitable ending, signature and date. (suitable ending could be, Yours sincerely,/truly,). If no format is mentioned in the question, then you could write it like a composition, without any headings or salutations and closings.
      I hope it clarifies your query.

  23. can u post IGCSE first language english paper 2 in nov 2011on ur word press? thx

  24. wei yang says:

    Do u have any idea where to get other o-level pass year paper?
    for eg, math and phy?

  25. rabyahasan says:

    Hello. I was just wondering if you had any email address so that I could contact you. I’m a student of O Levels and my English Literature exam is next month. I’m learning privately but I am behind syllabus. I would appreciate it if you could help me, sir.

      • Ahmed Khalid says:

        Dear sir,
        I live in the Gulf and am to appear in the May/June 2013 exams.I have just decided of giving 0500 English as a first language rather than the 0510 course usually taught over here, in the already mentioned dates. Ithink myself stripped of time for adequate preparation and need a lot of expert guidance to lead me to an A* but fortunately I ended up here and found it too useful .Please can I obtain your xtremepapers id in order to have have personal access to you.
        Moreover can you please provide me with certain other good websites and resourseful books (obtainable from urdu bazar) that could help in my preparation,
        Thanking you, I do remain.
        Ahmed Khalid

        • Dear Ahmed,
          Assalam O Alikum.

          you can contact me @ younis.farid@gmail.com. You can find some good material for IGCSE First Language English at a reasonable price from Sapna Bookshop located at urdu bazar, karachi. The prescribed CIE books are also available at Paramount bookshopt, urdu bazar, karachi. I might be posting some resources for preparation soon, although my present hectic schedule makes it a little unlikely in the near future.
          I wish you all the best in your preparation and exams.

          Mohammad Younis Farid

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