O’level English 1123 – 2011 Past Papers

Here you can download June 2011 Past Papers, Marking Schemes and Examiner Report.

June 2011 Writing Paper A

June 2011 Writing Paper A – Marking Scheme

June 2011 Writing Paper B

June 2011 Writing Paper B – Marking Scheme

June 2011 Reading Paper A

June 2011 Reading Paper A – Insert

June 2011 Reading Paper A – Marking Scheme

June 2010 Reading Paper B

June 2010 Reading Paper B – Insert

June 2010 Reading Paper B – Marking Scheme


Here you can download November 2011 Past Papers, Marking Schemes and Examiner Report.

November 2011 Writing Paper A

November 2011 Writing Paper A – Mark Scheme

November 2011 Reading Paper A

November 2011 Reading Paper A – Insert

November 2011 Reading Paper A – Mark Scheme

November 2011 Writing Paper B

November 2011 Writing Paper B – Mark Scheme

November 2011 Reading Paper B

November 2011 Reading Paper B – Insert

November 2011 Reading Paper B – Mark Scheme

November 2011 Examiner Report


52 Responses to O’level English 1123 – 2011 Past Papers

  1. Sameer says:

    comprehensions of paper 2…is somehow difficult…what is the ease to solve it.

    • Learn the types of questions you will be required to answer on the exam paper and how to deal with each one of them.
      Practise past papers of at least 10 years (both sessions).
      Read regularly and widely to develop your reading skills.

  2. Muhid Ahsen says:

    June 2010 Reading Paper B – Marking Scheme is actually June 2011 Reading Paper B – Marking Scheme at your blog. Kindly, review it.

  3. Ali Haider says:

    AOA, Sir can u please specify if theres a specific format for letter writing… like date and address or can the letter in an exam be started right off using a salutation e.g dear sir

    • Walaikum Salam,

      Always start the letter ‘Dear Sir,’ whenever this instruction is given in your exam paper, which is normally the case now.
      If this instruction is not mentioned in the question, then it is your choice whether to start ‘Dear Sir’ or write the complete format including the sender’s & recipient’s addresses.

  4. saima amer says:

    it is a great help provided to all CIE teachers

  5. shamsa says:

    salam sir, I just come across with your blog and found a wonderful help there . I have been appointed as a Cambridge teacher but I don’t have experience.so I have to start with scratch only. I have question ,when I
    was looking past papers there I found two papers of writing paper A and B and both are different. ……plz guide.

    • Walaikum Salam, Shamsa.
      Welcome to teaching O’level English.
      Cambridge has divided all the countries where O’level Examinations are conducted into five zones. In every examination session, two variants of the paper are given in different time zones. Paper B is the variant which is given in Pakistan. Both the variants can be used to take guidance or as practice material for your students.
      You can email me @younis.farid@gmail.com. I would send you a list of books which will be helpful to you in your preparation for teaching O’level English.
      All the very best and feel free to ask for guidance in future too.

  6. azharuddin2 says:

    I hve a question.I recently give my cie english paper 1 and in section 2 i wrote everyting perfect but forgot to give a heading of an essay i was attempting.So is there any cutting of marks on not giving a heading of an essay?

  7. tanzanite says:

    sir …i am appointed as an o level teacher…though I have no experience….. n am a bit worried ….how to give a start ….. coz the institute m appointed demands for best results…please guide me in this regard…

    • shahid says:

      ok don’t u worry about it once i was also a new teacher. but keep your students busy in writing practicea instruct them through brainstorming and mindmap with at least 3 synonyms and antonyms. check their writings and comments on their mistakes. thanks. and sorry i dont know you just read your comments and replied

  8. ayesha says:

    your blog is no doubt quite helpful

  9. hamza says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been hearing that the CIE has increased the percentage score required for an A grade and it is now up to 85% and the A* is now being given at 90%.So would you please verify that.Thank you.And your blog is really really helpfull.Thank you again.

    • Well, Hamza, I’m indebted to you for your appreciation. I haven’t heard anything of that sort yet. A* was already given for securing 90%. If I come to know about any changes in grade percentages, I’d let you know.

  10. mahnoor says:

    is there any answer sheet for these??

  11. anfal says:

    i just like..this .!!

  12. sana ali says:

    i’m really glad to have a standard guidance through ur blog regarding eng language 1123.may i know please in reading paper 15 points question….are the marks given for writing the already given points ?
    second question” if student write extra points in 15 marks question n 1st few points are wrong so the extra bullets written will be marked or not?

    • Sana, Thank you for your appreciation. I had planned to make this blog a little more helpful by providing to the point, exam specific guidance for English Language 1123 topics, however, I lost my motivation somewhere on the way. Anyways, I’d be glad to help anyone regarding their questions about Language or Literature Paper.
      Summary points should be 15 excluding the example points given. This makes the total number 17.
      Only the first 15 points will be marked. Do not write any extra points.
      Make sure you write each point separately. Writing two points together, will get you only 1 mark.

    • I’m sorry, I couldn’t get it.

      • fahad says:

        aoa sir regarding igcse can u plz tell me that which eng paper should i opt for that is core or extended and is this better than cie english

        • Walaikum Salam, Fahad.
          IGCSE English Paper is more demanding than CIE O’level English Paper in my opinion. You can have a look at both of them and then decide your personal preference. However, I think your choice of IGCSE or CIE O’level will depend on other subjects, availability of a good school or experienced tutors in that O’levels have a edge in Pakistan over IGCSE.

          IGCSE Core English version is for students who are less proficient in English and will get maximum C grade at best, whereas the Extended version is for more proficient students who can get an A grade if they do well.

          Hope it clarifies your query.

  13. please post the english past papers of the year 2012

  14. sadia says:

    sir can u tell me how should i divide the time for paper 1 ans ie ideally how much time should i spend in comprehension and how much on summary similiary how much on comp and directed wrting
    Another query sir are we goung to get account writing in directed writing par t for 2013 paper
    sir im preparing privately can i have ur email for correspondence

    • In Paper 1 (Writing) time division is as follows:
      Part 1. Directed Writing. 30 minutes. (Planning: 5 minutes, Writing:20-25 minutes, Editing/Proofreading:3-5 minutes)
      Part 2. Composition Writing. 1 hour. (Planning: 7-10 minutes, Writing:40-45 minutes, Editing/Proofreading:5 minutes)

      In paper 2:
      Section 1 : Summary Writing: 45 minutes
      Section 2 : Comprehension : 1 hour

      In the directed writing section, you might get one of the following tasks:
      letter(formal/informal), report, speech, account, article, leaflet.
      It is advisable to be prepared for all of these genres.

      My email is younis.farid@gmail.com.

      Hope this is helpful.

      • sadia says:

        thanku god has sent u as a great blessing for me

      • sr_98 says:

        what is a leaflet?

        • Well, Leaflet is a kind of written advertisement which aims to provide information or publicise a product/service and it is intended for wider distribution. It is also called flyer/handbill/pamphlet etc.

          Only once in O’level Examination, students were asked to write a leaflet giving information to parents about the program and activities during an Open Day at school.

          While writing a leaflet, you should keep in mind the following key points:
          Give a main Heading, which could be catchy or interesting, depending on the purpose and content of the leaflet.
          You should use sub-headings and make 4/5 paragraphs.
          Keep your language formal and to the point. (It could be slightly informal, depending on the topic & audience.)
          Communicate your message as clearly as possible.
          Develop the given content points in question in detail.
          Have a proper beginning and concluding paragraph.

          Hope this helps.

  15. wanananess says:

    hi, do you have november 2011 paper?

  16. SM Chow says:

    What is the difference between paper A and B?

    • Well, Paper A and Paper B are the paper variants which CIE gives in different regions, as it has divided the world in 5 zones now. Paper A and B are my own given names. CIE has coded them as Paper 11, 21 and Paper 12 and 22. Pakistan which is in Zone 4 gets Paper B (12,22 variant). Hope it clarifies your query.

  17. UMER FAROOQ says:

    is the formate of 2012 of comprehension changed or the previous one.

    • UMER FAROOQ: is the formate of 2012 of comprehension changed or the previous one.

      The June 2012 Format is the same one as the 2011 one. You can find this format in the O’level Specimen Papers that I have posted on this blog.

  18. ghias says:

    can u post the examiner report of english june 2011 please…

  19. The Examiner Report has not been published by CIE yet. I’d post it as soon as they do it on their web portal.

  20. sharmeen22 says:

    please can you post the examiner’s report for english language june 2011?

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